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“I like his personality! I decided to make Dr. Feinberg my dentist when I met him. He takes time to talk to you, he's comical, and seems to know what he's doing. I haven't had a regular dentist for a long time, it's nice to have one now.” Terry P.

“I am very satisfied with the cosmetic treatment plan performed on my teeth to improve my smile. I had crowns, bonding and bite adjustments done. My dentist is a truly talented and professional dentist. His friendly staff put me at ease during the procedure and his chair-side manner is gentle and supportive. I will continue to have all my dental work done by him. I have received compliments from friends and family about my improved and natural-looking smile. Thanks for everything!” Bill B.

“I have had a very difficult case because I had no more back teeth. And the remaining teeth that I had in the front I had grinded them down so badly that my bite was off. I had a bad habit of grinding my teeth at night. I needed quite a bit of work. Dr. Feinberg is extremely skilled. He and the staff made me feel very comfortable. Even though I was very scared he talked to me and explained what he was doing. He was very sweet. If I had any questions he answered them. If I needed a break, he gave me a break. He was very understanding, especially with me being very scared. Dr. Feinberg also made me feel comfortable in anything you need. He works with you instead of you having to work with him. He can prescribe something to make it easier if you are scared. You don’t feel like you are being rushed in and rushed out. Thank you. I feel good about myself. He did a great job. I am now sending my kids here as well.” Joe G.

“I had been terrified of going to the dentist for as long as I could remember. The older I got, the worse my fears got, so I simply quit going. Needless to say, my teeth and gums steadily deteriorated to the point where I had no choice but to do something. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Feinberg and left his office feeling impressed and very much at ease. Subsequently, Dr. Feinberg and his staff performed extensive dental work on me and I can honestly say I experienced little or no discomfort.

Almost a year and many visits later, I now view going to see Dr. Feinberg and his staff as going to see friends. Dr. Feinberg has truly given me something to smile about and something to smile with.” John P.

“Dr. Feinberg and Associates dentist office has made quite a few additions and improvements to their customer services that are very unique. For example, they have added a self- playing grand piano, play station, and internet access for customers while waiting in the lobby. They also serve coffee and cookies. I was given a headset to listen to music with a multitude of choices while I was having my teeth cleaned. I received a soothing paraffin wax treatment for dry skin on my hands after the hygienist was finished with my teeth. I have never been to any dentist office with such pampering services for patients. It all makes going to the dentist a much more pleasant experience.

Additionally, the dental care that I have received has always been very professional with the latest high tech dental equipment, which I might add is always very clean. The computer screen where you view your x-rays was interesting and fast.

I highly recommend Dr. Feinberg & Associates.” Jason W.

“I was in pain and my tooth was broken. They repaired the tooth exactly like new and treated the pain completely in one visit. I was back to work later that day. Great work.” Wayne T.

“Loved the entire staff! From the first greeting as soon as we came through the door to the refreshing beverage as I left, everyone treated us like old friends and with the care as if we were members of the family. You almost forget you were at the dentist. Thank you, all of you, for your warm smiles and gentle hands. I actually look forward to coming back. Wow!” Kathy M.

“The BEST dentist I've ever had!!! He does it all!!! I'm a disabled Air Force veteran. I have been to many different dentists in my 52 yrs. without much success. From my first visit here, the staff and dentists made me feel like I was at home and part of the family. I would not only recommend this dentist to my family and friends, but also to all veterans that are going outside the V.A. for their dental needs. Everything done in office while you wait!!! How awesome is that!!!” Mark C.

“It's very comforting. I love everyone! I have seen so many dentists in my life. But, none like Dr Richard Feinberg. The minute I walked in I was greeted warmly, then offered some beverages and snacks. The only clinic in the world that has a snack bar.or breakfast buffet in the waiting room. ?? The entire staffs are friendly it's like that I've known and met them before even it was my first time. I felt easy and relieved no anxiety at all to be in a dentist Dr Feinberg. I love Sam he's my hygienist gentle hands and so thorough he has a set of beautiful teeth. I wish I could have my teeth like his. I'm not done with my procedure so I can't say much but just the few appointments I had. I felt that I found my dentist I'm comfortable around him and so as his staffs. I will be back and finalized my experience from my appointments. So far things are looking good!” Alicia C.

“Happy with with the dentist and hygienist. I was a referral from 1-800 dentist and I didn't know what to expect, I read the internet reviews and Dr. Feinberg and his staff were better than his 5 star ratting!" Harris T.

“Great dental care here for almost 15 years! I've been going to Dr. Feinberg regularly for 15 years and referred many friends & family. His equipment is state-of-the-art. He and his staff provide excellent care & remember their patients from one visit to another. I highly recommend Dr. Feinberg & his staff." Colleen G.

“Best dentist ever! This is by far the best dentist I have ever had. I never feel uncomfortable. All of the staff is courteous and professional, and Dr. Feinberg is so friendly, and gentle. Whenever I have had to have a shot in my gums, I can barely notice the pinch. He is truly talented and caring." Samantha A.

“Exceptionally happy with Dr. Feinberg and his staff. Again, an exceptional dental practice. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Feinberg and his entire staff. I'm particularly impressed with their competency and apparent knowledge of contemporary dental practices. Going to the dentist isn't usually perceived as being a pleasant experience but believe me Dr. Feinberg and his staff go out of their way to make the visit as pleasant as possible." Anthony C.

“The best dentist that ever attended to me. I have seen numerous dentists here in San Diego. Dr. Feinberg is the best by far. If you will ever schedule an appointment with him, I can guarantee your complete satisfaction on his treatment and service. Very professional, kind and most of the time, he will make you smile with his humor. His staff is also great!" Romeo F.

“Dental Office With a Heart! Every time I have been to this office, ALL the staff has been absolutely skilled, but also warm and sweet. The dentist we went to before this one was horrible, and we often put off going because we knew we would be treated so badly. In Dr. Feinberg's office, it is like he only hires the nicest people, so procedures that we used to dread have become social activities. Who knew that conversation was the best Novocain! Everything is better when you are relaxed and assured that the staff is doing the best possible job. Artists really. Crazy good dentist skills. I love them and look forward to coming back!" Cynthia H.

“I rarely give a perfect score but did so on chair side manner. Dr. Feinberg took a lot of time talking to me. He showed a genuine interest in my well being and gave me a lot of overall moral support. He also seemed eager to help arrange payments for service not covered by insurance, since I'm struggling financially." Terry P.

“Got my teeth clean! Front desk woman is funny and very sweet. The hygienist told me some good info about the care of my teeth with my daily food habits." Karen M.

“Very happy with this dentist! All was very smooth and the staff was very friendly. I would recommend this to anyone!" Jonathan S.

“Can I say friggin' awesome?! I recently relocated from Los Angeles and was a little apprehensive about finding a new dentist. I was prepared to return to LA for my regular cleanings. Dr. Feinberg and his staff are SUPER friendly and helpful. The LOVELY lady at the front desk had to literally guide me into the office as GPS let me down . I was so frazzled when I arrived but was immediately put at ease. I was really impressed and grateful Dr. Feinberg didn't suggest any EXTRA procedures (as some dentists have in the past) especially since I really try to take care of my teeth. This was the most pleasant visit I've had at a dental office since I can remember. Awesome job you guys!!" Sinia S.

“My front tooth crown came off and I searched the net for the best dentist in Sd. I came up with Dr. Feinberg. I called and they were closing up but they still had the doc give me a call and walk me through the situation and what to do. When I arrived Monday (today). I was greeted with very friendly, happy people. The staff here are very professional and pleasant. My crown was placed and I'm now walking around smiling again. Thank you so much for quality service and affordability. You can't go wrong coming here. I'm also scheduled for a cleaning. I recommend this place! 5 stars!" Chanc L.

“I'm extremely satisfied with Dr.Feinberg and everyone of his staff members, they all where a delight to work with and made me feel very comfortable. I want to thank Dr.Feinberg and the whole crew I would recommend them to everyone and anyone and will be keeping that office as my primary dentist." Amber M.

“Great Dentist and staff! Dr Feinberg restored my bad teeth. I can smile with confidence and enjoy everything I want to eat!" Miles K.

“Dr. Feinberg you're Awesome! I know I put off dental procedures because of the COST, however, You and Staff are AWESOME! " Jake W.

“So relaxed and felt so confident in the dentist and his staff. The staff made me feel welcome and appreciated as if I was the most important patient. They were compassionate and took my fear of dentists and turned it around by making the visit a relaxing experience." Abraham S.

“Refreshing difference! A Wonderful experience. In comparison, my best dental experience ever!" Scott S.

“Very surprised, he takes his time and values his customers. Very comfortable, doesn't rush, takes his time with what he does and is very smooth about how he handles you're level of pain and makes sure it's good for you, I can finally eat on both sides, first time was this month of September 2016. I can chew on both sides I haven't been able to do that since 2013. it's very important to have clean teeth always clean you're mouth. My whole ego is way happier and tastier I smile more and I taste things way better then before." Brianna F.

“ So far so good! Had a consultation and a cleaning one visit. They also did a gum check. Next time I had surface cavities filled. Surprised by the amount of filing required, but I have a good bite!" Charlotte B.

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